Smokers and Equipment

Our cooker of choice has always been the Hasty-Bake.  It's been a long family tradition for us and I've been cooking on them for my entire life.  The ability to change the temperature immediately by cranking the firebox up or down gives me the control to sear a cut of meat first and then slow cook it until tender.  A Hasty-Bake uses both charcoal and wood so I can choose how heavy to smoke and what wood flavor to use.


I currently have a Hasty-Bake Legacy in my backyard that is 14 years old and going strong.  My son, Eric, cooks on his grandfather's Legacy that was purchased in the early 80s.

BBQ Competition Trailer


This concept drawing shows our original plans for our sixteen foot long tandem trailer.  See the photo gallery below to see how close we were.  Our SWEET OBSESSION has grown beyond our expectations and won "Best Pit Construction" at the 2013 North Texas Steak Cookoff.


The trailer includes:

  • Hasty-Bake SS Hastings
  • Hasty-Bake SS Fiesta
  • Klose Offset Smoker
  • SS Sink with 20 gallons of fresh water and an electric water heater
  • 3000W Generator
  • Satellite TV and built in stereo
  • Two 200quart Igloo Ice Chests
  • SS fold up countertops
  • LED lighting throughout

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Thanks to Sucklebusters for supplying rubs and BBQ sauce for our annual HLSR World Championship BBQ event AND for our annual Camp Craig Allen BBQ Fundraiser.

Check out the best all-around charcoal oven/smoker/grill in the world, and the favorite cooker of Tim's Tailgate BBQ Team, Hasty-Bake.

We are proud to be part of the Karma Que group